Untamed Choir & The Beaters

Peter Bogers (NL), Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL)

Lydgalleriet hosting two very exciting projects curated by Resonance, European Sound Art Network. Peter Bogers (NL) Untamed Choir’ and  Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL) ‘The Beaters’ 2013

‘Untamed Choir’ 2013

Peter Bogers (NL)

En multikanals lydinstallasjon.Untamed Choir is an audio installation that consists of 40 small speakers hanging from the ceiling, playing 30 separate audio channels. Twenty of these speakers are positioned into a circle, cones pointing inwards. The rest of them are divided over the exhibition room. The human voice is used as the ‘sound basis’. We hear continual, gradual changes ranging between ‘scream’ and ‘song’ in various tonal pitches, using samples of existing vocal recordings as well as well as purpose-made voice recordings.


‘The Beaters’ 2013Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL)

a sound-art installation that uses the sound of ticking. The installation consists of a large sounding box with dozens of beaters attached to it. But there’s more than meets the eye: materiality is disguised, movement manipulated, and even gravity defied, showing us how visual information can make us hear in a different way.


This exhibition is commissioned by Resonance, European Sound Art Network and supported by European Union Culture.


Friday 23rd February, Lydgalleriet celebrates itself through the launch of two publications: Håndbok for lydarbeid i visningsrom, written by Lydgalleriet's former artistic director, Jørgen Larsson, as well as an anthology, Lydgalleriet Retrospectiv 2005-15, with contributions from several of the institutions' active artists and curators through 10 years.

Håndbok for lydarbeid i visningsrom is nothing less than this; a manual in how to assemble and work with sound in spaces that are not necessarily adapted for that intention. The book is written for people who work with sound in a gallery context: artists, curators, technicians, conservators and conveyors. Here the difference between frequency and toner is explained, and why sound is best enjoyed in spaces with skewed physics, giving specific instructions on how sound waves and resonance tones move, as well as how to make effective use of stereo.

The book was edited by Bjørnar Habbestad, another of Ldgalleriet's founders, and Petri Henriksson has provided it with informative illustrations. Lydgalleriet is very proud to publish the book and we strongly believe that this has been awaited by many who work with the curation, assembly and production of sound art.

Lydgalleriet Retrospektiv 2005-15 is our second publication, one that looks in the back mirror and reflects close history. When Lydgalleriet opened its first exhibitions, sound art was perceived as "the noisy cousin", expensive, demanding and impossible to have in the living room. At the same time, the artists, like the work of the material, experienced sound as a great freedom. The field was open without clear belonging or equivalent reservations. Experimentality was boundless. To some extent that it is still, but a closer definition of sound art has emerged as an artistic form.

A quick review of the activities of Lydgalleriet since its inception shows three main trends: a continuous discussion of sound as experience related to the auditive space's volume and influence (sonic ambience), composed sound as a result of kinetic installations and sculpture, as well as the relation to music. Artists and curators have since the start in 2005 shown historical iconic works by key artists such as Alvin Lucier, Stefan Rummel and Pierre Berthet; Christian Marclay, Flo Kaufmann, Janek Schaefer and Otomo Yoshihide unfold in a fragile wooden building in the Skostredet; challenged casual visitors to Sparebanken with the public art project Lydbanken, and an international conference about Sound Art, Ephemeral Sustainability, with sizes such as Barbara London, David Toop, Salomé Voegelin, Anne Hilde Neset, Christoph Cox and Christina Kubisch, organised by Lydgalleriet in 2012.

Accompanying the launch we have really cool live set of Blue Rinse (BOOKLAUNCH EDITION!) this evening, with Jiska Huizing, Julie Silset, Mathias Loose and Alan Ó Raghallaigh. Blue Rinse delves into the performative side of the sonic arts, and with the second edition forming a sonic illustration to the books being launched.There will be lots of good people, books, totes, sound, soaring violins, city soundscapes, stuttering voices, records in reverse, blue sinetones, guided meditation, buzzing synths and wine. You're welcome, 8 pm!